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Coats conducts Productivity Enhancement Trials to enable garment manufacturers to select the best possible sewing thread for their specific garments.

Recently, a trial was conducted at a denim manufacturing factory on behalf of a leading global brand. The brand was keen to see the benefits they could stand to achieve by choosing a Coats premium polyester thread solution.

The Scenario and Method

The first step was to locate a sewing line within the factory to review. Once this was identified, the current staple spun polyester (SSP) thread used by the manufacturer for denim production was studied on the line for 22 hours (2 days). This was subsequently changed to Coats Epic (topstitch) and Coats Astra (bobbin/looper/overlock) for comparison.

In order to ensure accurate results were obtained, the Coats solutions were studied for the same amount of time as the SSP. What’s more, other parameters such as garment style, machines and methods were left unchanged.

Quality jeans stitching

The Results

Overall, it was found that the customer would benefit from a 6.2% productivity improvement and after wash enhancements if they switched to a Coats solution. This in turn would translate into a 10% margin increase per line per year.

Below are some more detailed results from the study:

  • Thread breaks - reduced by 26%
  • Skipped stitches - down by 29%
  • After wash quality control defects - slashed by 34%

Following the impressive results from study, Coats has built up a partnership with the brand in question and continues to supply solutions.

To see how Coats can assist you with enhancing productivity, why not speak to our technical team today.

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