Cotton T438 insole

Cotton T438

A high quality, anti-bacterial insoling material made from 100% Cotton & Latex

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Introducing Cotton T438, a high quality, high performance insoling material and enriched with up to 100% cotton.

Cotton T438 by Coats is a high quality and performance, top flexibility achievable insoling material, believed to be the only insoling manufactured using pure cotton linters that are elastomeric bonded. Cotton T438 can be used in shoes where they need to be washed, such as in casual and light wear styles and where no sockliner is required and has been engineered as a highly absorbent, washable and anti-bacterial insoling material.

Cellulose is the most abundant naturally occurring organic substance and one of many polymers found in nature, made of the monomer, glucose. Cotton is almost pure cellulose at 98%, and therefore very tough and very strong. Cotton T438 is a natural and versatile insoling material, for use in all types of footwear, from ladies’ shoes, canvas shoes to outdoor shoes.

Anti-bacterial insoling material

Features and Benefits

  • Highly absorbent and anti-bacterial
  • Washable
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Unaffected by perspiration
  • High stitch tear strength
  • Maintains appearance. Does not deteriorate
  • Good flex endurance
  • Will not shrink or grow
  • High internal bond strength


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