Automotive Composites: Light Weight Industry Innovations

Automotive Composite Solutions by Coats

Automotive Composite Manufacturing Demands

The Automotive industry has increased its focus on automotive composite; lightweight solutions over the last several years. In a search for multi-material solutions the industry has turned towards higher use of Aluminum and Magnesium. Manufacturers continue to look at carbon fibre composites but they have yet to completely take hold in the automotive industry stemming from the ‘high cost’ associated with carbon fibre use. However, as the technology continues to evolve, there is shift slowing taking place.

automotive composite infographic

Coats Automotive Composite Industry Evolution

Weight Reduction is by far the most significant test of automotive composite carbon fibre solutions and has been a focus in material research and use for decades. From Steel, to aluminum to carbon fibre use, the focus has been on how to reduce weight, increase strength without breaking the bank. The evolution of material use for weight reduction can be seen here.

automotive composite evolution

The two new Coat’s technologies in the automotive composite market space deliver an innovative solution to massively impact weight reduction in response to this worldwide industry demand.

Synergex™ and Lattice™ now allows Coats to offer the industry cost effective means to reduce weight to significantly higher levels than that of Aluminum, Magnesium and conventional Carbon Fibre and hybrid technologies. Coats has jointly worked with equipment suppliers to speed up the process of the fibre laying step, Lattice ™, to make the technology compatible with automotive composite needs.

Coats Automotive Composite Technology Summary

Synergex™ is technology that commingles dissimilar fibres and thereby tailoring the fibre mix to the performance and cost needs of a specific application.

Lattice™ is technology that allows us to place the fibre in a position and direction that is required by a specific application. No compromise by cutting fibres or in fibre placement is involved.

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