Denim evolution

Dynamics of the Denim Industry and Trends


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The recent webinar on “Dynamics of the Denim industry and Trends” by Coats sheds light on the rapidly changing and evolving denim industry across the globe and Bangladesh’s contribution in denim manufacturing.

Bangladesh is the top shipper of denim apparels both in the USA and the EU. With Bangladesh emerging as the preferred sourcing destination of denim goods – products that require significant efforts of sustainability initiatives – the country has improved the production processes and has made significant investments in sustainable business practices.

To know more about how Coats is transforming Bangladesh’s denim industry through its sustainable and innovative solutions, here is the video recording of this webinar.

Meet the Speakers

Zahir Ahsan, Commercial Director, Coats Bangladesh talks about the growing awareness amongst the consumers on sustainability, and their expectation that the textile/ garment industry should be mindful of its impact on the environment.

Adnan Mahmud, Technical Service Manager, Coats Bangladesh explains, “While it may seem that sewing thread contributes to only 1-2% from a garment's point of view, it’s the only trim item that holds the garment together and determines how the garment will look and how the garment will perform at consumer level.”

The webinar brought forward Coats line of sustainable thread, a significant progress in terms of sustainable product innovation. This includes their 100% recycled polyester thread made from PET bottles called EcoVerde. Another product EcoRegen which is a 100% lyocell product made from sustainably managed wood pulp. Eco-B is a 100% recycled thread with CiCLO additive that helps reduce microfibre pollution and accelerate biodegradation. EcoCycle helps the garments get disassembled at the end of the product life cycle. All these sustainable and circular threads offer superior sewing performance and excellent quality.