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The past, present and future of denim

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The past, present and future of denim

Around 7.5 billion feet of denim fabric is produced every single year – making it one of the world’s most popular fashion materials.

Such a seriously huge subject deserves a seriously large amount of time dedicated to it. So we recently held a month of CoatsCasts, where we took a deep dive into the past, present and future of denim.

A host of experts, design gurus and innovators had a lively discussion around the threads we use every day, the sustainability challenges we face, and where we think denim is heading in the years to come.

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Session Schedule:

Threads unpicked

All you need to know about one of the world’s most popular fabrics.
Guest speakers: Features the prominent denim designer, Mohsin Sajid

Blue jeans go green

Sustainable innovations in fabrics, dyeing, waste reduction and more.
Guest speakers: We are joined by responsible and environmental design specialist, Miles Johnson (Ex-Levis and Patagonia)

Denim evolution

What does the future of denim look like
Guest speakers: Founder of Decode, Danielle Elsener offers her expert views on zero waste systems

#1 Threads unpicked, #2 Blue jeans go green

#3 Denim evolution

Meet the Speakers

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