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Industry innovator for fabric buying, planning and costing solutions.

AI, Big Data, and Mobility based fabric buying and planning automation solutions for apparel manufacturers and brands

ThreadSol solutions, designed using the disruptive industry 4.0 technologies like artificial intelligence, big data, and mobility, help apparel manufacturers and brands in controlling and optimising their biggest cost- fabric.

The 2 solutions work seamlessly to automate the entire process of fabric buying and planning, reducing planning times by 80%, providing 100% execution control.

Overall, the 2 solutions work together to boost profitability and provide 360 degree visibility of process compliance.

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ThreadSol - Factory Floor


IntelloCut is an artificial intelligence-based system which automates all the fabric planning processes, right from cutplan to lay plan, with the ability to change plans in real-time, based on the on-floor variations and feedback.

This automated plan ensures least fabric consumption. The real-time feedback from the floor helps in reducing the effort in re-planning as per the on-floor variations, ensuring 100% utilisation of material and maximising fabric saving.

IntelloCut helps garment manufacturers to:

  • Automate 100% execution control of the cutting floor
  • Reduce planning time by 80%
  • Cut 1% extra with the available fabric
  • Track 100% process compliance

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IntelloBuy automates all the fabric booking processes, right from cutplan creation to automatic marker queuing of thousands of orders, in a single go. This saves the staff from slow emails or excel based communication, hence saving time and effort.

Using the Big Data technology, intelloBuy studies the database of all the historical orders and tracks the past records of the vendor. This ensures that for every order, you purchase the right amount of fabric, so there’s no deadstock or a chance of short shipment.

IntelloBuy helps the manufacturers to:

  • Completely automate fabric buying
  • Reduce fabric buying expense by 1%
  • Reduce buying lead time by 80%

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