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Being a part of the communities where we operate

At Coats, we always try to be an active corporate citizen and encourage our teams to engage with their local communities in ways that best suits them and the circumstances. We recognise the prosperity of our business is closely aligned to the health and well-being of the communities in which we live and work. This is why we have a specific target to get all our employees involved in community activities by 2022.

In 2019, to strengthen our approach to community engagement we started to align all our local and global actions toward three areas of focus: ‘Education’; ‘Health & Wellbeing’ and actions related to our ‘Business and Textiles’.

During 2019, we ran well over 400 activities in 19 different countries worldwide. We have been developing improved tracking mechanisms to be able to more accurately identify the level of input activity for these projects, and will be able to give more accurate information for 2020.

Measuring the impact of our community activities has always been challenging for us, as it is for other organisations, and we are also conscious that we are not experts in identifying needs and developing solutions, so we have been working during 2019 to develop global partnership relationships with organisations that do have this expertise. We are looking forward to launching the first such partnership in 2020 with the aim being to run pilot projects during 2020 and then to extend the partnership more widely in subsequent years.

Being part of our local communities

Coats Bangladesh partnered with Brands to help paint the building of a school for underprivileged children, and distribute educational accessories to the pupils.

Coats Local Community Engagements
Coats Local Community Engagements 

Coats Ambas organised a half day free health care camp offering an eye check-up as well as on the spot blood sugar and blood pressure tests to more than 100 people in the local community.

In Romania, 38 Coats employees took part in the annual ‘Run for It’ charity sporting event, running a combined 470km in total to raise money for local community projects.

Coats Local Community Engagements
Coats Local Community Engagements

In celebration of “Tree Day” in Brazil, the South America Cluster took joint action to promote the importance of reforestation to increase biodiversity, through lectures and tree seedling donations.

The Coats Shenzhen Volunteer Team were awarded the ‘2019 Excellent Volunteer Team’ award by the local Fuhai Community.

Coats Local Community Engagements
Coats Local Community Engagements

Children of our employees at the Coats Bursa crèche presented Rajiv Sharma with a gift made from threads, yarns and zips manufactured in Coats Bursa.

Team Members at the Sevier Plant in Marion, North Carolina donated 40 blankets to the Friendship Home for Women and Children. The Friendship Home opened in 1999 and can shelter up to 41 women and children to help them get back on their feet socially, financially and spiritually.

Coats Local Community Engagements
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