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Our approach


Coats is a global business, operating on the ground in over 50 countries across six continents worldwide. We operate to the highest ethical business and employment standards across all our global operations.

Our global presence enables us to build close relationships with our customers wherever they are located, leverage our expertise from around the world and develop local market opportunities. But the diversity and complexity of our operations brings many social and environmental challenges.  Some of these are unique to a particular country or location; others apply globally. It is important that we understand these and our impact on society to manage our business responsibly wherever we operate.

At Coats we understand that responsible business practice has to be core to everything that we do. Our Corporate Responsibility programme supports this approach.

– Rajiv Sharma

We believe that a strong approach to Corporate Responsibility can help us to achieve our business goals by improving efficiency, strengthening our reputation and customer relationships, and enabling more motivated employees and safer working practices.

Corporate Responsibility Governance

Our activities are coordinated by the Head of Corporate Responsibility and monitored by a Corporate Responsibility Advisory Group (CRAG) which is chaired by the Chief Supply Chain Officer. Across the business, we have a network of CR Champions who support our Head of CR to deliver strategy and help implement the action plans.

Find out more about the terms of reference for the CRAG and our key CR policies.