Nymo Ecobobs Y2

Nymo Ecobobs Y2

A recyclable, ready-wound bobbin (RWB) to increase your productivity

Coats Nymo Ecobobs Y2 is a recyclable, ready-wound bobbin (RWB) for Y2 hook, computerised sewing machines.

It is specifically designed to help footwear and accessories manufacturers maximise their investment in factory automation: by increasing productivity; by reducing waste; and by enhancing quality of the sewn product.

With 20 - 60% more thread per bobbin than OWB, using Nymo Ecobobs Y2 means fewer bobbin changes, and longer, uninterrupted runs. PNymo Ecobobs Y2 uses pre-wound thread, which means faster bobbin changes cutting time by up to 50%. This means there is no time spent on winding your own bobbins, plus no time spent cleaning thread from bobbins.

It is precision wound, which means there is consistent thread tension due to automated winding. It has consistent loop formation which results in superior and balanced seams, plus even pull off tension delivering fewer skipped stitches, fewer jams, trapped ends, crossovers and breaks plus no back-spinning, and reduced wear and tear on machinery.

Nymo Ecobobs Y2 are 100% recyclable (closed loop).We can rewind an Ecobob up to 20 times, then recycle the core into other plastic products which can help you meet your corporate responsibility targets.

Find out more about Nymo Ecobobs Y2 by downloading the product information sheet or by contacting one of our experts.

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