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Coats Protect+

Inherent anti-microbial yarns

Coats Protect+ spun yarns are an inherent anti-microbial solution built into product DNA, inhibiting the growth of microbes in or on fabrics while providing all-day freshness. 

With silver and copper salts embedded, Coats Protect+ does not wear off, wash away or weaken over time. Coats Protect+ will stand up to peroxide and bleach and is tested effective after 100 industrial launderings.

Coats Protect+ is an anti-microbial yarn that provides a sustainable option for your anti-microbial requirements. Textiles created from these spun yarns require no wet processing after fabric formation to achieve these properties.

Features and Benefits

  • Inherent anti-microbial solutions that boost protection against microbes
  • No topical treatment
  • Does not wash out and strengthens product longevity
  • Provides peace of mind and enhances your product capabilities
  • Global sourcing and availability

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