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Coats introduces the world’s first anti-microbial sewing threads
Examples of applications for anti-microbial thread
What are the benefits of anti-microbial thread?
Technical specifications
Anti-microbial thread recommendations (examples)

Coats introduces the world’s first anti-microbial sewing threads

Medical wear

As the world’s leading industrial sewing thread business, Coats has a long history of pioneering landmark innovation. Many of our product developments in threads, zips and colour technology, as well as innovations in manufacturing processes, have become global industry standards.

We are proud to introduce our latest innovation: Coats Protect - a chemical treatment for our sewing threads that provides protection from microbes and bacteria.

There are many products such as hospital furnishings, operating theatre beds, muscle supports, military tactical vests and outdoor goods that need ongoing protection from microbes and odour causing bacteria. Athletic footwear manufacturers are also looking for odour free anti-fungal footwear as a complement to their product range.

Coats has developed an innovative chemical treatment process that gives anti-microbial / anti-fungal properties to our sewing threads, which can then be used in a wide range of sewing applications.

The anti-microbial process creates a “zone of inhibition” that prevents the growth of odour and stain causing bacteria and pathogens around the seam, leaving seam crevices clean and fresh.

With anti micro / fungal treatment
(Zone of inhibition clearly seen)

Without treatment
(No zone of inhibition)

Petri dish with anti micro / fungal treatment

Petri dish with no treatment

Examples of applications for anti-microbial thread

Examples of applications for anti-microbial thread
Medical Sports Outdoor
Hospital beds Footwear Tents
Medical upholstery Protective pads Back packs
Lifting aids Helmets Boat tops
Medical supports Gloves Boat seats

Sewing thread for hospital bedding

What are the benefits of anti-microbial thread?

  • Enhances protection against microbes
  • Keeps products such as furnishings, footwear and apparel sterile
  • Helps prevent product deterioration
  • Fights mould and mildew
  • Stain resistant
  • Inhibits bacteria that causes odour
  • Same high sewing performance as all Coats’ thread products
  • No flaking
  • Global sourcing and availability
  • Provides peace of mind and enhances your product quality


Coats Protect threads meet a number of recognised anti-bacteria and fungi tests including : AATCC TM90 and ASTM M90 (microbiology activity), ASTM G21 and MIL-Std-810G (fungi).

Workwear and uniforms - Work Dresses Anti-microbial hospital

Technical specifications

  • Coats Protect threads can be made available in any substrate, thread size or colour without affecting sewing performance or chemical properties.
  • Colour fastness properties are in line with Coats high levels for existing bonded and soft sewing threads.
  • Our sewing threads with the Coats Protect technology have been tested to be effective up to 100 laundry wash cycles (per AATCC TM 150 ). Effectively this means the anti-microbial performance will endure for the lifetime of the product.

Anti-microbial thread recommendations (examples)

Thread Recommendations
Application Coats Thread Tex No.
* Medical / hospital gowns and some sportswear applications may not be appropriate applications if they are laundered regularly.
Hospital beds and upholstery Coats Nylbond Protect Tex 70 and 90
Anti-fungal boots Coats Nylbond Protect Tex 70
Medical light mattresses Coats Epic Protect Tex 60
Medical / hospital gowns* Coats Epic Protect Tex 60
Sports gloves Coats Gral Protect Tex 70
Outdoor goods Coats Dabond Protect As required

Please contact your local Coats office or your sales representative for more details on availability and recommendations for your specific end use application.