Coats eComm

Makes thread ordering easier and faster

Coats eComm now makes thread ordering more accessible and faster than ever. Coats eComm is a state-of-the-art tool for you to place thread orders anytime, anywhere in the way you want with your data convention. Tracking your order status, checking stock availability, receiving the order confirmation, advance ship notices, and generating purchase reports are just some of the great features available on Coats eComm.

Coats eComm is linked with our internal enterprise system in real-time; this will reduce the thread order fulfillment time. Some great features of Coats eComm allow you to specify order requirements, receive order acknowledgments, check your order status and stock availability, receive shipping notice in advance and generate purchase reports. You can also check your thread orders, stock availability, and payment status from your mobile device.

Please contact your local Coats expert to learn more and register for this great new service.

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