Coats Opti introduces inox zip sliders with PVD treatment

Coats Opti introduces inox zip sliders with PVD treatment

We are proud to introduce new stainless steel sliders for the Opti LUX and siMMiƨ zip range, which provide an alternative to the zamak and brass option currently available.

This innovative solution has multiple advantages, which include enhanced resistance, exceptional quality and providing a more sustainable alternative to the current offering.

Thanks to the surface PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) treatment process that is applied on stainless steel, sliders can be produced more sustainably as the galvanic process is ruled out. The inox also offers a definitive solution for resistance problems and corrosion in leather goods, whilst removing bubbles and galvanic imperfections.

Coats Opti LUX zips, which feature these sliders can be used in various applications such as high-end leather handbags and other leather goods. Different metal finishes and colors are available:




Opti LUX Black Finish Opti LUX Gold Finish Opti LUX Silver Finish

PVD Treatment

The PVD treatment allows the deposition of a thin but very hard layer on the substrate to be coated to obtain the following:

  • Enhanced resistance to abrasion due to hardness
  • Inalterability to UV rays and resistance to solvents and corrosions
  • Coloring with a great chromatic effect such as gilding, silver plating, nickel plating, gunmetal black and many others
  • Wide range of surface finishes ranging from bright and satin to polishing with various shades of opacity
  • Hypoallergenic and sweat resistant finish


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PVD as a green alternative

The entire PVD process is also safe, clean, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. By choosing this finish, brands and manufacturers can reduce their environmental impact.

Technical Performance

The technical performance and resistance to corrosion are clearly superior to zamak galvanized sliders. In comparison, the running on the zip chain is smoother (not rigid) and the bodies are customizable, both in terms of logo and on an aesthetic level.