The Future of Hand Safety

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Hand injuries are said to be the second leading cause of work related injuries. In fact, over 1,000,000 hand injuries are recorded a year.

Almost 70%* of hand injuries are from lacerations and punctures, both of which can be limited by the use of proper protection, taking the necessary precautions, specifically providing gloves (personal protection equipment) to each and every employee.


*NSC's Hand safety at work

There are many different manufacturers and types of gloves in the marketplace, which help reduce hand injuries. Whether working in the automotive or food and beverage industry, handling glass or fabricating metal, gloves are designed to meet certain attributes.

Some of the most desired traits today include:

  • Safe
  • Strong
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable

Other common requests include:

  • UV resistant
  • Anti-wick
  • Anti-static
  • Conductive

There are even requests for gloves that are more fashionable. As an employer, the options for PPE are endless, so how do you know which to choose and why?

First, gloves can be constructed using customized blend of yarns and coatings in order to meet specific requirements. For instance, a yarn with flame retardant properties like a meta or para-aramid would be used when heat is an issue. Alternatively, applications requiring gloves with cut level 4-5 ratings, can be designed by using hybrid yarns with fiber glass or stainless steel used in the core.

Second, the customized blend of yarns and coatings used to develop a glove may be chosen with cost in mind. Different fiber types could be included in the final yarn blend providing high quality and the required attributes while reducing cost. For example, new innovative materials and formulations or in-house yarns are not only impacting costs overall but they are also exceeding previous performance standards.

Third, gloves need to be chosen with the wearer in mind. To make a positive impact it is important gloves provide the required level of safety while being comfortable, and in some cases lightweight or fashionable. Whether matching ‘weekend gear’ or providing breathability, gloves are more likely to be worn when the wearer sees them as useful or cool.

The future of gloves, and even PPE, is even more specialized and high-tech.


Coats FlamePro Cut is an advanced range of flame resistant, electric arc and cut resistant yarns. Utilized in the weaving and knitting of gloves (and other PPE), it is available in natural or dyed colors and can also be spun from dope dyed fibers. FlamePro Cut is also offered as custom blends, up to five different fibers, and is developed in partnership with our customers, meeting their specifications and needs.

The single easiest way to reduce hand injuries is to provide protection. Ask us how we can help you