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Coats Tea Bag Thread
International Name and Quality
Coats Admiral Product Range
Random v Precision

Coats Tea Bag Thread

A tea break is always welcome, but a break in production of tea bags due to poor quality thread is quite another thing.

Coats Admiral, is a specialty thread used for tea bags. It comes with the quality assurance of the Coats, and is made from saw ginned, virgin cotton that is combed, spliced and twisted in a 1 to 1 package. Uniform twisting ensures a knotless package, so there is an uninterrupted flow of thread and your production process continues smoothly.

International Name and Quality

The international quality standards for tea bag threads stipulate that the thread should be natural, unbleached and odorless. Coats Admiral conforms to all of them.

Manufactured to international standards, the thread employs an FDA approved wax for smooth performance. The purity of the thread ensures that nothing interferes with the refreshing aroma and taste of your tea. Coats Admiral is manufactured under strict hygiene conditions and meets ISO 9001: 2000 standards, while conforming to HACCP. Our production facility that makes the tea bag thread range has been audited and accredited as meeting the standards set by the Food Standards stipulated by the British Retail Consortium. We are proud to be the first textile company in the world to have won this accreditation.

Experience freedom from common problems like bag jumping, protruding ends, protruding loops etc. and enjoy improved productivity and minimal wastage. Coats Admiral tea bag threads are ideal for both single chamber and double chamber tea bags.

Coats Admiral Product Range

Coats Admiral Product Range
Article Ticket Cotton Count (Ne) Length (m)
1908 20 20/3 10,000
1908 15 20/4 5,000
1908 16 16/3 5,000
1908 14 24/4 5,000
1908 12 12/3 5,000
1908 24 24/3 5,000
1908 18 12/2 5,000

Coats is the market leader in the tea bag industry.

A Thread for All Machines

Coats Admiral has been developed keeping in mind the thread requirements of all the major tea bag manufacturers. So, no matter which machine you use - Constanta, with a capacity of 180 bags per minute, the Perfecta, which turns out tea bags at the rate of 400 bags per minute or the Duetta which has a production capacity of 1200 bags per minute, you will find Coats has the ideal thread for it.

Only Coats Admiral meets all your requirements with regard to the weight, thickness and other characteristics of tea bag threads.

Precision Makes the Difference

As per international guidelines the thread should not be too strong, or it will make cutting difficult and blunt the cutting knife quickly. Coats Admiral tea bag thread is twisted appropriately to achieve a well-balanced construction to ensure that the twist is free from liveliness where required. Some of our constructions have a calibrated level of liveliness imparted to the thread to match the demands of some of the non-stapling type machinery. Coats Admiral is knotless so it flows smoothly, ensuring that your production run is uninterrupted. Unlike other tea bag threads which are random wound, Coats Admiral tea bag threads are precision wound.

Random v Precision

Random versus Precision Tea Bag Manufacturing
Random Precision
Uneven thread layers Uniform lay, structured unwinding
Very soft package, low tension, irregular balloon formation Uniform balloon tension
Bigger package
Ridges in the top and bottom
Compact package
Winding tension marginally higher
Good packaging required for transportation Easy transportability
Wastage is high No wastage