Menswear - Coats

Our sewing threads meet the production needs of men's coats, delivering neat and discreet as well as bold and pronounced.

The final thread choice will be determined by the fabric weight, the construction of the load bearing seams and the stitch definition required (topstitching). Sometimes, Gramax Tex 18 is used on the overlock loopers to reduce the overall thread cost in the garments.

Approximate thread consumption is 610 meters for men's overcoats and 200 meters for men's jackets. Depending on the required final quality, other thread types may be used. Thread size will determine needle size.

For more information, check out our recommendations below.

Application guide

We can tailor the product application guide to show you the exact information you require, please select the necessary options from the filter below. Below are recommended stitch types for this end use item.

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    The sewing thread recommendations laid out above are intended as a guide to aid the construction of garments with good quality seams. As garments of the same generic type differ in terms of fabric substrate and construction, and both making up methods and post make up processing can greatly vary, these recommendations should be viewed as a good starting point for thread selection.

    Garment specific recommendations for thread and needle selection as well as accurate thread consumption figures and on-site technical support can be obtained by contacting your local Coats' office.

    These recommendations and consumption figures are intended as a guide only and are given in good faith but without warranty or liability on the company or its employees.