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The rise of ‘Athleisure’

Meeting the apparel needs of an active generation

“Athleisure” is a fashion term that has become so popular that it has gained entry into the Merriam-Webster dictionary, which defines it as “casual clothing meant to be worn for exercising and for general use.”

One of the reasons for the trend’s rise in popularity is that it filled a gap in the marketplace, where clothing that was functional was not particularly stylish. Such clothing is no longer worn exclusively to the gym, but everywhere and anywhere.

Millennials are said to be driving this relaxed standard; their increased health awareness and a cultural shift in the workplace has created an environment where the athleisure clothing style is more acceptable in the office.

Morgan Stanley, a US multi-national investment bank, has charted the rise of the athleisure wear trend globally, in 2007 sales were $197 billion yet by 2020 they are projected to be $350 billion. Small wonder then that ever more players are looking to enter this growing but saturated market.

As such it has become even more critical for companies to stand out with high-quality apparel. Female athleisure wear is a particularly lucrative sector, particularly in North America. One of the most popular items is the sports bra, particularly those offering a front zip. However, things can go drastically wrong if the zip’s quality is poor, potentially causing an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction for the customer - and possible litigation for the brand . Zips don’t have to be risky business though. That’s why we created the Opti S Gym.

One American company became interested in providing consumers with a new sports bra line, featuring a front zip. We collaborated with brand to enhance the product, developing a special puller for them. Opti S Gym is a specialised sportswear zip designed with a unique slider and clip-down puller, keeping the puller secure during any movement.

The slider assembly consists of up of three components, making puller customisation possible. Even when the puller is not clipped, the slider will not slip down due to its auto-lock function. It is far superior to a flat-lock slider, which can slip down easily if the puller is not properly aligned.

Opti S Gym uses S-technology, reducing the risk of zip bursting through its intrinsic higher lateral strength. S-technology also brings unique abrasion resistance because there are no sewing threads utilized to attach the teeth to the zip tape.

The innovations surrounding our Opti S Gym have been tremendous, optimising a variety of active and sportswear items such as athleisure wear, backpacks, and sports jackets.

Coats is constantly pioneering to meet customer demands. Learn more about Opti S Gym by speaking with one of our team experts.

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