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Business model

How Coats creates value

Our vision is to become the world leader in value adding engineered yarns and threads for industrial and consumer use, and our business model provides us with the framework to effectively design, manufacture, market and deliver high quality products and digital services.

Our financial strength, resilience and ability to generate free cash flow provides us with thecapacity to undertake well-considered, valuable investment into our products, services andpeople, to better meet our customers’ needs and further our success and brand reputation.

While having the right products and services is critical, what is fundamental to our success is our reputation. This ensures the trust and confidence of our stakeholders and therefore our ability to create ongoing value.

Three elements are pivotal to maintaining and further strengthening our reputation; our commitment to operating responsibly; our principles which guide our behaviours; and the effective and efficient management of risk. These components underpin our overall approach and impact every decision we make as they help to safe-guard our reputation.


Goals and culture

Financial strength | Risk management | Corporate Responsibility | Health and Safety

Our skills: 'Operational and commercial expertise’

  • Manufacturing  We are able to service our customers with a globally consistent quality and colour that has been manufactured to high employment, ethical and environmental standards.
  • Technical  We use our expertise to support our customers by making numerous technical interventions on the shop floor every year.
  • Digital  By offering the most comprehensive set of services in the industry; from colour sampling to online training and ecommerce, this makes it easier to do business with us and offers greater value and time benefits to customers. One example is the recently launchedonline business in Western Europe, building on the success of our eComm service.
  • New product / process innovationThrough our virtual global network we are always seeking to innovate in the industries in which we operate. Our small, core R&D team works with customers to understand their needs, with academic institutions and specialist companies.
  • Sales and marketing Through our Global Accounts programme we have close interactions with the world’s leading global retailers. In Americas Crafts we work closely with our main customers – for the fifth consecutive year, we are a Category Captain at Walmart, helping to manage their entire textile crafting offer.

A world of opportunities

Find out what it's like to be part of a diverse global team

Careers with Coats

Our responsibilities

We're committed to growing as a sustainable business

Our CR approach

Corporate Responsibility

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We operate to the highest ethical business and employment standards across all our global operations

Our CR approach