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Board composition

Directors and Directors’ independence

The Board of Coats Group plc comprises ten Directors:

  • a Non-Executive Chairman, Mike Clasper
  • seven Independent Non-Executive Directors, Mike Allen, Nicholas Bull, Anne Fahy, David Gosnell, Echo Lu, Fran Philip and Alan Rosling
  • two Executive Directors, Simon Boddie, Chief Financial Officer and Rajiv Sharma, Group Chief Executive

The names of the Directors, together with their biographical details, are set out on the Management page.


Composition of Board
Executive Directors 2
Independent Non-Executive Directors 8

Non-Executive Directors' independence
Independent Non-Executive Directors 8
Non-Executive Directors 0

Mike Clasper is considered an independent Chairman, and Mike Allen, Nicholas Bull, Anne Fahy, David Gosnell, Echo Lu, Fran Philip and Alan Rosling are considered to be independent Non-Executive Directors.

The Chairman and the Non-Executive Directors are not employees of the Company but the Company does pay them under deduction of tax where appropriate.

In line with best practice, it is the intention that Directors of Coats Group plc will stand for re-election on an annual basis, and the Board will continue to assess its composition with respect to its size and mix to reflect the needs of a FTSE 250 global manufacturing business.



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