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Board committees

Audit committee

Committee membership

  • Blake Nixon (Chairman), Non-Executive Director
  • Rex Wood-Ward, Non-Executive Director 
  • Mike Allen, Non-Executive Chairman
  • Isabella Loh, Non-Executive Director  
  • Alan Rosling, Non-Executive Director   

The Audit Committee is responsible for assisting the Board to discharge its duties with regard to the Company’s financial affairs and in particular the presentation of a balanced and understandable assessment of the Company’s position and prospects.

The Board has overall responsibility for ensuring that the Group maintains an adequate system of internal control and risk management and for reviewing its effectiveness. The Committee on behalf of the Board undertakes the detailed monitoring of the controls and reports to the Board on its findings. The Committee has reviewed the system of internal controls including financial, operational, compliance and risk for the year under review. Such a system is designed to manage rather than eliminate the risk of failure to achieve business objectives, and can only provide reasonable and not absolute assurance against material misstatement or loss.

The Committee is responsible for ensuring that arrangements under which employees may, in confidence, raise concerns about possible improprieties in matters of financial performance or other matters are operating effectively and that appropriate follow-up action takes place. The Group has a Whistleblowing Policy and there are posters and pamphlets displayed at each site giving details of what employees should do if they have concerns regarding any aspect of the business. Employees are encouraged to report any concerns without fear of recrimination and a confidential email address is available should staff wish to use it. These arrangements were reviewed by the Board during the year.

The Committee collectively has the skills and experience required to fully discharge its duties. The Committee also has access to independent advice at the Company’s expense. 

The full terms of reference of the Audit Committee are available to download here.



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