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Coats and Dr Martens

Holding together some of the world’s most iconic products

Dr Martens shoe with iconic yellow thread

Dr Martens shoe with iconic yellow thread

Coats’ thread is an integral part of some of the world’s most recognisable footwear and clothing.

Dr. Martens is just one example – initially favoured for functionality and comfort by factory workers and policeman around the world, the boots were later adopted by youth sub-cultures such as punks and New-Wave musicians in the 1970s.

Every year millions of pairs of Dr. Martens’ shoes and boots are produced in the company’s factories in UK, China, Thailand and Vietnam.  

While they are available in a variety of different styles and specifications, most Dr. Martens footwear is instantly recognisable by the distinctive yellow stitching on the sole and leather upper that has come to define the brand.

Coats supplies its ‘94s HS Polyester Z Welt Thread: Yellow’ to Dr. Martens - it was first used by the brand in the UK in the early 1960s. Since then over a 100 million pairs of boots have been sold around the world.

Coats is proud to be closely entwined with such an iconic footwear brand.



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