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Joining couples in India

Coats thread is used in Hindu marriages across South India

Hindu marriage ceremony (Image: Directors Kut)

A Hindu marriage ceremony (Image: Directors Kut)

Coats thread is used as a ‘Mangalsutra,’ or sacred thread, in millions of Hindu marriages across South Asia.

The Mangalsutra is the most important symbol of a married Hindu woman. It is a pendant strung from a thread that is worn around the neck and symbolises the inseparable bond between a husband and wife. It is considered the most revered token of love and respect offered to the bride during marriage. Typically during a ceremony, the bridegroom ties it around the neck of the bride uttering - “May you live long by wearing this sacred Mangalsutra, the reason of my life”.

In the coastal areas of the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh the Hindu community believes that a Mangalsutra made from Coats thread will secure a marriage for life and during each wedding season, Coats stranded thread in shade J0162 (yellow), is the most sought after of all thread.

Coats is proud to be a part of the bond that binds two souls together for life.




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