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Coats Fusion

Attaching seams and buttons with no visible stitching

Coats Fusion Capsule

Coats Fusion Capsule

Buttons that fall off, hems that come undone, and bulky uncomfortable seams can all damage a garment’s quality and brand reputation. These issues could soon become a thing of the past thanks to ‘Coats Fusion’ - a pioneering thread that securely attaches seams, buttons and embellishments with no visible stitching.

The magic behind this is a special, patented device called the ‘Coats Fusion Capsule’. This contains a fusible monofilament yarn, and fits on the machine's thread stand underneath a standard Coats thread. As the thread and yarn are drawn into the machine, the standard thread is lightly twisted around the low melt yarn, which results in consistent adhesion of seams after the application of heat.

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