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Being part of the communities in which we operate...

Coats is a global company operating on the ground in over 50 countries worldwide. We pride ourselves on being a part of the local communities in which we operate and our units are encouraged to develop close relationships with local people, business partners and community groups.

Developing a robust and clear approach to community engagement helps us to:

  • build stronger relationships with local communities - particularly with the employees who live there
  • improve our relationships with local governments and local business partners
  • build employee pride
  • increase our ability to attract and retain high quality, committed employees
  • meet the aims of our wider CR approach
  • improve our ability to deliver Coats' business strategy

We also aim to be a good corporate citizen and engage regularly with local authorities and other organisations in the community.  It is important to us that we play a key role in local society, not least of which because that's where our employees come from.


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