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Strategic themes

Our CR programme is encapsulated by seven strategic themes, all of which support and contribute to the achievement of our business goals.  

The values and standards that we subscribe to as a company are at the core of our CR programme. They are embodied in the five principles that describe the way we work: energy for change, respectful and inclusive, freedom to operate, openness and honesty and positive teamwork.

CR strategy diagram

A new strategy for 2017

This year we have taken a new look at what’s important to us as a business and to establish some key areas of focus for our CR programme. We repeated our global materiality assessment and have undertaken a specific human rights risk assessment to identify the areas of highest risk both in our own business operations and in those of our supply chain. We have mapped our operations and those of our supply chain to identify particular industry / sectoral risks as well as risks from their geographical location.

To identify particular country risks, we took account of a number of external benchmarks and indices in our risk assessment process, including the UN Human Development Index, ITUC Global Rights Index, Freedom House Freedom in the World Civil Liberties, UNICEF % of children aged 5-14 years engaged in child labour, US State Department Trafficking in Persons, and Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index.

Our assessment framework measures the relative importance of particular CR issues both to our business and to our stakeholders and the chart below illustrates those areas identified as important. For each of the material areas identified we have reviewed our policies and procedures to identify any gaps in our processes.  During 2018 we will continue to develop plans and targets to address these material issues and will carry out a more detailed human rights assessment of our operations.

For more information see our policy & downloads page

Our top 10 material issues are:

• Water consumption

• Energy consumption

• Environmental footprint

• Waste generation and recycling

• Health & Safety

• Resource scarcity

• Child labour

• Forced labour

• Transparency and reporting

• Environmental legal compliance 





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